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BPD provides a planning service which addresses the requirements of the Victorian Planning System associated with land subdivision. Development of land in the form of subdivision is facilitated by planning reports (including full ResCode submissions where applicable) to accompany Planning Permit Applications.

Where required by the Planning Scheme, our planning service can include the preparation of
Overall Development Plans prior to proceeding with Planning Permit Applications for subdivision.

Further, BPD will prepare all the documentation required by the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) and Council, where a Planning Scheme amendment is necessary for a development to proceed; i.e. rezoning, removing the whole or part of an overlay etc.

Our planning services include:


Statutory and Strategic Planning associated with the subdivision of land
Applications for Planning Permits including full ResCode Analysis and Submissions
Preparation of Overall Development Plans
Planning Scheme Amendments (including Rezoning)
Feasibility Studies
Representation at VCAT to Appeal - Council’s ‘Failure to Grant’ a permit, Conditions placed on a Permit, Objections etc.

Urban Design to Breese Pitt Dixon is about striving for a balance between innovative design and realistic results, based on our clients’ project needs and budgets.

Having recently branched out into also producing Estate Landscape Plans and Tree Planting Schedules, the ever expanding Urban Design Component of Breese Pitt Dixon has an impressive repertoire of design services, of which are listed above.

Our Urban Designers work closely with Planners and Engineers alike in order to achieve detailed and accurate plans, with respect to planning scheme requirements and title restrictions. Further more, we pride ourselves on being receptive to our clients needs, but most importantly, combining creativity with realistic solutions to achieve our clients development goals.

Our urban design services include:


Subdivision Design and Layouts
Strategic Plans
Urban Design Frameworks
Development Plans
Site Analysis Plans
Site Context Plans
Tentative Plans
Design Response Plans
Estate Plans
Display Village Plans
Sale Plans
Landscape Plans / Tree Planting Schedules

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