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With the emphasis on Environmentally Sustainable Development more and more these days, Breese Pitt Dixon has embraced the concept of stormwater treatment and quality. To this end, we have expanded our skill set to embrace all aspects of Water Sensitive Urban Design and water quality modelling.

We offer a full design service, from concept and design through to finished product, satisfying Best Practice Water Quality Treatment standards as required by Melbourne Water Corporation.


Environmental Planning and Approvals
Environmental Management Systems
Landfill Design
Environmental Assessments
Alternative Waste Technologies
Waste Avoidance Strategies
Hazardous Waste Management
Land Regeneration

Water Resources / Hydraulics
  Medium Density Hydraulics
Flood Plain Management Studies
Urban Stormwater Quality Management Plans
Irrigation and Drainage Design
Water Balances
Water Quality Modelling
Lakes, Wetlands and Water Features
Retarding Basins and Detention Systems
Ground Water Modelling
Water Sensitive Urban Design
Water Recycling
Creek and River Modelling
Rainfall Runoff Modelling
Golf Course Waterways and Lakes
Fire Water Systems Design
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